Maintenance and Repairs

Emergency Repairs

Call our office at (863) 385-8834 during normal business hours for more information on including KDL as a 24/7/365 emergency repair contact.

Transite (Asbestos Cement) pipe replacement

Many of the older water distribution systems used Asbestos cement pipe, commonly called transite, and while asbestos pipe is no longer installed it is still in use extensively. As these systems age, the likelihood of repair or replacement increases. KDL Underground & Development crews are able to assess the extent of your transite / AC pipe damage and create a plan to safely and efficiently replace the failed section(s) of pipe.

55+ / HOA Communities

Does your 55+ or HOA community have problems with underground utilities?

Whether it be proper drainage of groundwater not being achieved, or old septic systems failing. KDL crews are experts in working in the existing spaces and unique challenges of 55+ retirement communities. Homes are often built very close to each other, with multiple existing utilities buried within feet of each other. Without meticulous planning and execution or each phase of work, a larger problem can occur.

We have assisted management and ownership at multiple parks throughout the State of Florida with their drainage, water and sanitary sewer related problems. Many communities, previously plagued by issues such as excessive flooding after rainfall or sewer backups due to system failures, have entrusted KDL Underground with their utility needs, resulting in successful outcomes.

If you are an owner or representative of a 55+ retirement community in the State of Florida facing utility challenges, contact our office at (863) 385-8834. We are happy to speak with you to discuss options, and provide references from similar projects we’ve undertaken.