About Us

More than a pipe company



KDL Underground & Development, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Kenneth LaGrow in Highlands County Florida as Kencon. Kenneth started in the industry in the 1970s gaining valuable experience from his father, Lionel prior to starting his own business. Thirty years later we still call Highlands County our home, while in those years working in nearly every other county in the State of Florida.

Much has changed since 1993, Kenneth continues to lead the company he began as the next generation learns from him – Lionel LaGrow’s shared knowledge lives on as it is passed to the third and fourth generations of the family. Our founding values remain the same. Quality work from the smallest repairs to the largest infrastructure installations, trustworthy people who stand behind their word, and the drive to do things just a little bit better than yesterday are all a part of our DNA.

Pipe installation in Port Labelle, FL - KDL Underground & Development, Inc.
Port Labelle, FL underground utility installation - KDL Underground & Development, Inc.
Install lift station in Port Charlotte, FL - the largest at the time in the city.
Trenching fused pipe in Port Labelle, FL - KDL Underground & Development, Inc.
Underground utilities material storage yard - KDL Underground & Development, Inc.
Fusing HDPE pipe in Port Labelle, FL - KDL Underground & Development, Inc.

30 years

Thousands of projects completed

3,250,000+ feet of pipe installed

Superior Quality, our mission

At KDL Underground & Development, Inc. our mission is to provide superior service in every interaction and quality that lasts in every installation – above and below ground. From quote to completion, expect the best when working with KDL.